Will the NY hipster’s CRIB of the future actually be the size of a crib?

“Micro-unit” for the poor a century ago. Poor home, NYC tenement 1910
by Lewis W.Hines. Collection of the George Eastman House.
Call me madcap, but this “studio” looks bigger than 275 square feet.

Baby in Crib by Lewis W. Hines, American 1874-1940, George Eastman House Collection

Mayor Mike has invited architects to compete for the  pleasure of designing

“micro-unit”  New York apartments ranging in size from 275-300 sq. feet.

That’s more than 100 sq. feet smaller than the  current 400 sq. foot legal limit.

According to our mini-mayor’s website, Mikebloomberg.com, NYC has 1.8 million singles

(and 2 person households) ,  and only 1 million  studio/ one bedroom

apts. Huh?  So where do the other  .8 million New Yorkers live? !!!!!


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