The very rich-girl bio of City Planning Director Amanda Burden, zoning czar behind Mayor Mike’s micro-unit apt. plan

The Paley Residence, St. Regis Hotel

From Vanity Fair article “New York’s Princess”:

Amanda Burden’s family pedigree is awesome: her father, Stanley Grafton Mortimer Jr., was an heir to the Standard Oil fortune; her mother—with whom she had a complicated relationship—was the socialite and fashion icon Barbara “Babe” Paley, the queen of Capote’s elite “swans.” Her stepmother, Kathleen Mortimer, was a daughter of Averell Harriman, the railroad heir and United States ambassador to the Soviet Union, while her stepfather, William S. Paley, founder of CBS, was a “tremendous influence,” she told me, via his passion for architecture, urban design, and art. (Paley owned one of the world’s great art collections.)

She has been married twice, each time to a powerful man—to S. Carter Burden Jr., the multi-millionaire descendant of Commodore Vanderbilt (and former aide to Robert Kennedy), and to Steven J. Ross, the head of Warner Communications. She’s often seen about town with her “intermittent inamorata”—as New York magazine once put it—Charlie Rose.


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