“I’ll take Manhattan…” but will luxury landlords take you? And we reveal Frank Gehry’s real name.

In NYC, the concept of a “luxury”  building is elastic and can be anything with a pulse and a doorman or something truly spectacular like Frank Owen Goldberg’s 8 Spruce Street tower, “New York”. (Like Norma Jean Baker and Archibald Leach, Frank wasn’t always Gehry). Here’s what it takes now, to get an apartment in the city:

Rental Application Checklist

  • Personal reference letters
  • Business reference letters
  • If employed by company: Letter from employer (on company letterhead) stating income, title, bonus structure, and length of employment.
  • If self-employed: Letter from CPA stating annual income.
  • Most recent pay stubs
  • Last two tax returns
  • Copy of driver’s license or passport
  • Credit check showing names, phone numbers, and addresses of your:
    • Employer
    • Banker
    • Accountant
    • Past landlords
    • Guarantor
  • Most recent bank and investment statements
  • Certified, local, or traveler’s checks for:
    • First month’s rent
    • Security deposit
    • Application fees ($25 – $400)

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