Curses! Foiled Again: NY State Court of Appeals rules in favor of Brooklyn loft tenant who has not paid rent in nine years

“Brooklyn artist Margaret Maugenest scored one for the renters on Thursday. New York’s highest court ruled in her favor that the city’s Loft Law prohibits her landlord from evicting her, despite nine years’ nonpayment of rent, because it failed to comply with residential codes and didn’t receive an extension to satisfy the regulations. “In the absence of compliance, the law’s command is quite clear,” Judge Robert S. Smith wrote in the decision. Two lower courts had ruled in favor of the landlord. Maugenest ought to print out the court’s order and frame it — because that’s art, baby.”–NY Magazine

“The ruling by the State Court of Appeals could affect tenants in some buildings covered by the 1982 Loft Law, which has allowed hundreds of former manufacturing or commercial buildings to be rented to tenants as long as the landlords make necessary changes, namely in fire protection and other safety measures, to bring them up to residential building codes.”–NYTimes

“Though Ms. Maugenest has not paid rent for nine years, she has not adopted the habits of someone who lives rent-free either, her lawyer said. Instead, she has put aside her rent money every month and saved it, just in case a court demanded that she pay. She may have just found herself with an extra $60,000.–NYTimes

Her rent is $600 a month. Guess some NYC landlords try to justify unsafe, hideous conditions because the rent “is so damn cheap”. Sorry guys. You lose.NY’s top court says loft tenant can’t be evicted [WSJ]

No Eviction After Renter Didn’t Pay for 9 Years [NYT]

The classic “Pay the Rent” scenario with a little “landlord” who is much cuter than yours.

Dudley Do-right, Snidley Whiplash In ” What would Dudley do in the mortgage crisis?” , 2008 Cartoon, Jay Ward Productions


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