The Way They Were: Odd Couple NYC Roommates Robinson Peepers & Stanley Kowalski

Wally Cox and Marlon Brando shared a Midtown West apt. in NYC during
the early 1950’s. Cox eventually moved out because he hated Brando’s pet raccoon Russell.  “Marlon and Wally were 9-year-old boys living in Evanston, Illinois  when their parents introduced them — Marlon’s mother and Wally’s stepfather were friends in Chicago, where the stepfather worked for NBC. The boys became fast, albeit unlikely, friends, said Eleanor Robinson, Cox’s sister. “Marlon was kind of a rough little boy,” she said. “He tied Wally to a tree one afternoon and then left him. I’m surprised they remained friends, but they did.”–LA Times

Mr. Peepers starred Wally Cox as science teacher Robinson Peepers.
The  pioneering 1950’s (1952-1955)  sitcom  also starred Tony Randall and Jack Warden.  Cox would forever after be typecast as the ultimate nerd.



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