NYState Assembly Housing Committee Chairman Vito Lopez, 7l, evicted from committee: A tale of sex,bras and settlement loot

“He commented that I was well endowed and that another girl in the office was well endowed,” one of the women said. “But I didn’t play it up like she did, and I should wear button-down shirts so he could look down them.”—NYTimes

Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito T. Lopez, former Chair of the Housing Committee in Albany

Vintage pin-up style ad from the Mad Men era.


Looks like powerful, former Housing Commitee Chair Vito T. Lopez,71,
has finally learned that the Mad Men era has been over for a few decades
and that it is no longer  ok to ask  that staffers go braless (or do worse).  Lopez can no longer hire  interns, must take sexual harassment training,
and lost his powerful Housing Committee Chair gig in Albany. And that’s the good news. The story has legs (no sexist inference intended ) and now involves Gov. Cuomo, Sheldon Silver. Gloria Allrad and as always money…

“Mr. Lopez is a holdover from an era when party leaders could lavishly reward friends and exile enemies to the wilderness. He has served in the Assembly since being elected in 1984 and has headed the Brooklyn Democratic Party since 2005, a post that came with tremendous influence and gave him unrivaled power in selecting the borough’s judges, and filling vacant political seats.

He was also the founder of the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, one of Brooklyn’s largest nonprofit organizations and a reliable well of votes, support and government contracts.

Mr. Lopez’s district office on South Fifth Street, which usually hums with constituents requesting assistance and political aides trading gossip, was staffed largely with attractive young women, according to those who worked there. “Vito doesn’t hire ugly girls,” Ms. Friot said. “-NYTimes

As the Assembly’s housing chairman, Mr. Lopez wielded tremendous power over the city’s subsidized-housing industry, drawing him close to developers of “affordable” housing. He also had the power to shape major legislation on housing regulations and steer earmarks and other grants to his base.—WSJournal


Season 1 Promo for Mad Men (VIDEO)


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