Tasteless, insensitive social media from the most tasteful store in the world: Bergdorf Goodman

There is something so sad and clueless and Marie-Antoinette-y about this photo and the comments made on Bergdorf’s blog via Instagram. “4thfloorwalkup Even the homeless love the #bgwindows”

4thfloorwalkup is obviously an employee of the store and started the conversation. As of today, its been online for 3 days. No one in the exec. suite  has noticed? http://instagram.com/p/O91yRqPXgc/


Bergdorf Goodman Blog

    • exaros “Missed the target audience but nice to give this man some beauty in his life”
    • habituallychic We’re in the window today? Saw lots of activity when I walked by on my way home. Looking good!
    • 4thfloorwalkup@habituallychic I was in them for a second peaking, but windows aren’t my department. I design Beauty level and Decorative Home. I’ve seen some great tidbits for the anniversary windows & they’re going to be amazing! As much detail as the holiday windows!

      Portrait of Marie Antoinette

    • 4thfloorwalkup *peeking
    • habituallychic Sounds like a dream job! We must discuss further someday!
    Bergdorf’s is celebrating 111 years of NYC fashion with A-list events,
    the aforementioned windows, limited edition shopping bags,etc.

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