Bergdorf’s 111-year old Purple Reign: Where’s the bow, where’s the past?

Bergdorf Goodman is wrapped like a present but missing the bow (and maybe the plot) for its 111th anniversary hoopla.

If there ever was a time for a luxury retailer to embrace the  evocative, old school, old money, highest-end fashion  imagery that is its’ brand, it was this year for Bergdorf Goodman, celebrating “111 years of extraordinary”.
So I  gotta ask. Where did all the extraordinary years go? Instead of vintage fashion and historical context and glorious period photography spanning decades, we got Instagram Insanity and online, inside the limo “Cadillac Confessional”   interviews with fashion trade bloggers and other folks customers over 25 likely don’t know or care about  Yes, this is all very new and now–but I can’t be alone in wishing BG had truly honored its beautiful  past and the NYC Fashion Century the iconic retailer helped define. –Landlordrock NYC opinion

At the store (which I visited on Sunday when everyone cool was at the  Fashion Week shows), there were lots of purple decor elements, no vintage fashion anywhere, and cluttered, unfocused displays of old BG ads in elevators. BG’s  Seventh Floor Home Department with its’ now  lavender wallpaper and  intensely Rocco gilt mirrors, (well-priced at under $2,000), is as always, gorgeous and inspiring.

And now, words I thought I would never utter about anything at Bergdorf”s:
“Who would buy this stuff?” –Landlordrocknyc

The stuff in question is a special collection of BG anniversary memorabilia merchandise developed with the store’s A-list designers. It’s all very Graceland but very expensive. No surprise there.

Charlotte-Olympia-BG-111th-Anniversary-Embroidered-Wedge-Sandals, $1395

I was expecting the Bergdorf Birthday Bash to feel rich, nostalgic, very New York and  Noel Coward-ish. Instead, the 1958 chart topper by Shep Wooley comes to mind. Sorry,  Bergdorf’s. Still love you.

Akris Bergforf Goodman 111th Anniversary Exclusive Coat & Dress, About $15,000


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