Manhattan is the #1 most expensive place in the USA. Brooklyn is #2. But, (channeling the old Avis slogan) they try harder!

Brooklyn Bridge, 1948 by Andreas Feininger for LIFE Magazine

Caveat: The report cited  evaluated hipster/prepster Brooklyn only–home of the nouveau artisanal food scene

Via: The Village Voice, “The Fork in the Road” : Battle of The Artisanal Brooklyn Pickle–McClure’s Vs. Brooklyn Brine. Brooklyn Brine was clearly victorious, $10 a jar.

and pickle wars   and the fabulous Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea, One Hanson

(to name just a few of this  red-hot, born-again borough’s attractions). Having been landlocked and carless in Manhattan for decades, I know nothing about the many glories of “the new Manhattan” as its rents approach unaffordable territory as well.

Brooklyn Flea, NYC’s best Market

This from The Brooklyn Eagle:

“Brooklyn is the second most expensive place to live in the entire country — topped only by Manhattan — according to a just-released report. Just behind Brooklyn: Paradise (AKA Honolulu) , San Francisco, San Jose, Queens, and Stamford Connecticut.

It’s not the pricey grilled cheese sandwiches ($11 for one with truffle butter and duck fat) or artisinal mayonnaise — it’s all housing, according to the Washington-based Council for Community and Economic Research.

The group’s evaluation is based on the cost of people who enjoy “a professional-managerial standard of living.

The council ranks 300 American cities based on a variety of factors including prescription drug prices, utilities, transportation, grocery prices, as well as housing. Using the number 100 to represent the national average, Brooklyn ranked at 183.4 overall — 129.9 in grocery items, 126.4 in utilities, 104 in transportation costs and 111.1 in healthcare costs, and a whopping 344.7 in housing. Manhattan’s average was 233.5.

This means that housing costs in Brooklyn are more than three times that of the average American city, which, according to the survey, is someplace like Erie, Pa., or Charlottesville, Va.

Carlo Scissura, president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, told the Brooklyn Eagle:

“As Brooklynites, we want to be Number 1 in everything, but I don’t think we want to be Number 1 or 2 in this survey”

Old Brooklyn (VIDEO): I love this Comment on YouTube: “Video is cool…music sucks it’s Brooklyn, not France!!”…inspired perhaps by the nostalgic combo  of “Kishke King” style Brooklyn photos and a French theme song.


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