Is Ann Romney’s Black Leather Biker-Babe Tonight Show Outfit worse than Mitt’s “47% comment”?

Is Ann Romney’s Black Leather Biker-Babe Tonight Show Outfit worse than Mitt’s “47% comment”? A disgruntled observer of the fashion (and political ) scene posted this question on one of the many sites discussing Ann Romney and her leather Leno show get-up. Political affiliations will likely determine whether this pretty, 62 year old grandmother of 18 looks cool or is  a country club chick gone  wrong.  My vote: She’s a strong candidate for What Not to Wear.

Ann Romney In Leather & Lace, Jay Leno Tonight Show

From NY Magazine’s The Cut:

Skirt: Part of a matching skirt-jacket combo, the skirt is made of more tiered leather, laser-cut to look like lace. It’s a confusing garment, resembling a three-way between a petticoat, a Black Swan–style tutu, and an S&M costume; it’s also quite a bit shorter than what we normally see her wearing, falling just above her knee when she’s standing and hitching up to miniskirt length when she sits down.

Shoes: Lacy and strappy, with high stiletto heels. She should’ve just gone all the way and busted out a pair of Louboutins. She surely has some kicking around somewhere on the second floor of one of her closets.

Nails: Mauve.

So, what was Ann trying to say with this outfit? Perhaps she’s hoping to appear a little younger, edgier, and more glamorous; she did tell Leno a story about “making a video” for Mitt (wink, wink) during his last presidential bid four years ago, in which she told him she’d “never do this again.” (Mitt’s answer: “You say that after every pregnancy!”) So she wears racy black leather and uses video equipment…”

Update: Charlotte Cowles, NY Magazine: Mormom Chat Forum On Ann Romney’s “Garments” ( or lack thereof):

Who Wore it Better: Marlon Brando 1953 (VIDEO) , Jim Morrison 1967 (VIDEO) and  Elvis 1968 (VIDEO) :


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