Mike announces P.T. Barnum-ish Plan to Build World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel and Harbor Commons Outlet Mall,Hotel On Staten Island

The New York Wheel

“Art of Money Getting, Or  Golden Rules for Making Money” by P.T. Barnum 1880

Now, through those real estate connections, he’s found himself in the carnival business — or at least the venture capital version of it.

Vintage Barnum & Baily Greatest Show on Earth Circus Poster


‘It’s a short trip from Wall Street to P.T. Barnum.’ Marin joked in a phone interview Friday.”–via Washington Post


“Every crowd has a silver lining.”–P.T. Barnum


Carnival ride operators, Staten Island politicians, big wheel real estate developers, top-tier bankers and our equally well-heeled mayor are over the moon about this one. NYC gets the “New York Wheel”, (at 625 feet the largest Ferris Wheel on the planet ) , Harbor Commons ( a Staten Island  version of the  Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall ), yet another hotel, even more tourists and billions of bucks in revenue.

Artist’s rendering of Harbor Commons Outlet Mall Staten Island

What we lose is the Staten Island Ferry as we know it (imagine the crowds and congestion)  as yet another piece of Old New York surrenders to  the developers and that sometimes dubious achievment know as progress. No city funds are involved. but I wonder how long the Staten Island Ferry will stay free and fun.  Call me madcap, but hasn’t  NYC  always been its own crazy kind of carnival?    With his newest “Bloombergland” economic vision for  Staten Island’s  waterfront, our Mayor now  makes it official (and officially garish).

Like Woody Allen in Manhattan (1979), I prefer the city in black and white with a Gershwin soundtrack. Opening (VIDEO):


One thought on “Mike announces P.T. Barnum-ish Plan to Build World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel and Harbor Commons Outlet Mall,Hotel On Staten Island

  1. Glad to see that Mayor Mike is once again devoting his efforts to the meaty, life and death questions that plague our city. Never mind the homeless, the jobless, he is concerned with soda sizes and ferris wheels. A more out of touch mayor for New York I cannot remember.

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