Mini-Mayor Mike’s Big Edifice Complex: “Bloomberg Pushes a Plan To Let Midtown Soar”–NY Times

“Make Room, Old Timer. The skyline near The Chrysler Building  may get more dense”–
caption via New York Times

NYC’s  mayor is a man who prefers small drinks and big buildings–really big 2lst Century  buildings that will forever change our iconic New York skyline into some futuristic fantasy enabled by Mike and  his zoning partner Amanda Burden, Director of the City Planning Department.  The dynamic (and very rich) duo have already rezoned 116  New York neighborhoods.

My choice for a soundtrack to underscore  all this soaring ambition and mayorial desire to mark NY territory forever as his  own, the equally hideous anthem written and performed by John Ashcroft (former US Attorney General and a man who lost a Senate race to a dead man) “Let The Eagle Soar” (VIDEO):

“London, Tokyo and other metropolises have created central business districts with forests of skyscrapers in recent years, seeking to meet the needs of globe-trotting corporate tenants.

But New York’s premier district, the 70-block area around Grand Central Terminal, has lagged, Bloomberg officials say, hampered by zoning rules, decades old,

“Lunch Hour And A Smoke” by Lewis Hine:  Building The Empire State Building, 1930-1931, Collection of The George Eastman House

that have limited the height of buildings.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg wants to overhaul these rules so that buildings in Midtown Manhattan can soar as high as those elsewhere. New towers could eventually cast shadows over landmarks across the area, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. They could rise above the 59-story MetLife Building and even the 77-story Chrysler Building…”–NY Times

Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

A rezoning plan for the area around Grand Central Terminal, making it easier to build higher towers, has drawn some criticism.

Sarah Lowe and Her Grandmotherf Ruby Keeler, “42nd Street” (VIDEO):

“Massive new buildings could be constructed,” said Michael B. Gerrard, an environmental lawyer working with the Municipal Art Society to review the proposal.

“They’re proceeding at a breakneck pace,” he said, referring to Bloomberg aides. “The administration wants to get all this done before the gate closes.”–NY Times

Published: October 6, 2012.

“…Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal reflects his effort to put his stamp on the city well after his tenure ends in December 2013. Moving swiftly, he wants the City Council to adopt the new zoning, for what is being called Midtown East, by October 2013, with the first permits for new buildings granted four years later.

His administration says that without the changes, the neighborhood around Grand Central will not retain its reputation as “the best business address in the world” because 300 of its roughly 400 buildings are more than 50 years old. These structures also lack the large column-free spaces, tall ceilings and environmental features now sought by corporate tenants.

The rezoning — from 39th Street to 57th Street on the East Side — would make it easier to demolish aging buildings in order to make way for state of-the-art towers…”–NY Times

Trailer for Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s 1927 Sciene Fiction Masterpiece (VIDEO):

What The Future Will Look Like 1920 (VIDEO):


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