Born That Way: Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Norma Jeane Baker, Bacall ,Bardot and a “Twilight Zone” Classic

Grace Kelly in “Rear Window”, 1952

Elizabeth Taylor

We forget that in the days before fake lips, fake boobs, Botox, lipo, fillers and plastic surgery fixes for almost everything, physical perfection was a miracle of DNA, not the scalpel. For all those young un’s who think that all women were born blonde and bosomy with a pillow-lipped pout like Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

French style icon Bardot in “The Girl In The Bikini”, 1952. It would take more than a decade for the tiny bathing suit to make it to U.S. shores.

, think again. In this classic 1960 Twilight Zone episode, the blonde beauty is the freakish one: “In The Eye of The Beholder, (VIDEO):

Brigitte Bardot (VIDEO):

“We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces then…” Norma Desmond, “Sunset Boulevard”, 1950

An unknown but hunky Robert Mitchum worked with Norma Jeane Baker at the same Los Angeles WWII defense plant.

WWII covergirl Lauren Bacall at 18

Before she was “Marilyn”, young defense plant worker Norma Jeane Baker on the cover of :”Yanks” Magazine, 1945.


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