Shop Landlordrocknyc: Cheap Thrills On A Big City Street

Thrills don’t get any cheaper than spying something  really valuable discarded as free trash on a city street. A few weeks ago, at a  Manhattan location which must remain undisclosed, someone dumped  about thirty of Donald Trump’s favorite rich-boy toys

The Donald’s 56th birthday gift from his staff in 2002: The Stanley London Leather And Polished Brass 30″ Telescope On A Tripod, $460. Thirty of these were recently  left on a NYC street for trash pickup. A wealthy interior designer picked up twenty!

into a dumpster . The toy? Stanley London’s 30″ inch leather-sheathed brass telescope on a tri-pod stand—favorite of “Rear Windowish” voyeurs, those who live in the new glass houses, and billionaires who collect  multi-million dollar city views.

Donald Trump and Apprentices In His Dining Room At Trump Tower

Landlordrocknyc has learned that a Page Six-worthy interior designer and staff nabbed about  twenty of the free 19th Century replica  telescopes (which retail for $460 new)  and have a Street Value (literally) of about $10,000.

Grace Kelly & Jimmy Stewart, in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” 1954, (VIDEO):

“Rear Window” Trailer 1954:

“Dream Forever in Your Arms”, “Rear Window”, 1954 (VIDEO):


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