Pants Velour vs. Carmel 666: Despite Jingle Ad Wars, NYC Car Services Are Still No Bargain

Landlordrocknyc checked out a few car services yesterday and was surprised to learn that rates change hourly and daily depending on traffic. So despite all those annoying limo jingles and smarmy Sex & The City-ish “he takes me home commercials, there is no such thing as a cheap (or even moderately affordable) car service ride in New York. Peak rate today for a short ride midtown from the hours of  2 pm-7pm is $30 plus tip. Rates also go up seasonally and during events like Fashion W eek.

Here’s the Pants Velour Production which won Dial 7’s jingle contest implying otherwise:

Pants Velour, Winner of Dial 7 Jingle Contest (VIDEO):

Carmel 666 Jingle (VIDEO):

Smarmy Carmel Commercial (VIDEO):

From the NY Times:

“It started with a single jingle, imploring New Yorkers to call Carmel Car and Limousine Service at “six, six, six/six, six, sixty-six.”

That was never going to sit well with a company called Dial 7.

Now, months after that infectious spot first went on the air, New York City’s two leading car-service brands are locked in a Hatfield-and-McCoy-style advertising war, complete with dueling singsong commercials and a fight over which company thought to pen a jingle first.

The whole weird story — complete with a rider-rapper named Big Daddy and a lip-syncing chief executive — started when Carmel released its 30-second ad, filled with finger-snapping and hip-shaking sidewalk revelers who escort a woman to a waiting town car. “For wherever you want to go/Carmel is the number to know!” the refrain says.

Dial 7 was unimpressed. Its ad, plucked from an online jingle contest created by the company, features a rapper named Big Daddy, who delivers a rapid-fire verse about “comfort and style on which you can rely.” A woman in sunglasses croons the hook: “If you need a ride, dial 2-1-2, then 7, seven times.”…NYTimes


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