Landlordrocknyc Design: Why Microsoft,You’re Beautiful! But New Surface Tablet Software Lacks Brains–NYTimes

I love the irony of Microsoft going all gorgeous on us, but losing the
actual software plot with the release of their tablet contender, Surface. Here, with his  famously nerdy (and always very bad, signature $7 haircut),  Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his very funny 2008  retirement video:  Cameos by Obama, Hillary, Gore, Clooney, Bono, Spielberg…(VIDEO):

From David Pogue’s NYT review:

“How would you like to move into a stunning mansion on a bluff overlooking the sea — in Somalia? Or would you like the chance to own a new Ferrari — that has to be refueled every three miles? Would you take a job that pays $1 million a year — cutting football fields with toenail clippers?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Surface tablet has a 10.6-inch screen with a Touch Cover, attached by magnets, that contains a full keyboard.

That’s the sort of choice Microsoft is asking you to make with the spectacularly designed, wildly controversial Surface tablet.

Now, for the very first tablet it has ever manufactured (in fact, its very first computer), Microsoft could have just made another iPad ripoff. But it aimed much higher. It wanted to build a tablet that’s just as good at creating work as it is at organizing it.

On the hardware front, Microsoft has succeeded brilliantly. Read the specs and try not to drool on your keyboard…” NYT

Does The Pope Tweet? (VIDEO):


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