This Is What 90 Million Looks Like Now: One57 And The Dangling, Dangerous Crane

The more than 1,000 people who were evacuated from surrounding buildings on Monday were given little guidance on Tuesday as to when they would be able to return to their homes and places of business.

“This is what 90 million looks like” via New York Magazine, Urban Living, (Written Before The Deluge of Sandy):

“One57 is sharp, vertiginous. Where 15 CPW sought to blend into its surroundings, One57 seems determined to stand out—it looms over the drab commercial buildings and hotels on West 58th not so much like a waterfall, as the French architect Christian de Portzamparc has it, but as a gleaming, tumescent phallus…”

…Because let’s be clear: Although Extell is happy to open the doors of One57 to old Manhattan money—in fact, three residents of 15 CPW are reportedly interested in jumping ship for One57—the building is not really for New Yorkers. It has been built for the fresh-faced global elite and their riptide of foreign money, which swirls every month out of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia and straight into New York City.

Very tall (rendering makes her look like eight feet) , model-looking woman in a One57 bedroom. She is reading a book, not a Kindle.

And foreign buyers don’t want old. They don’t want lived-in. They want new. They want glass. They want steel. Or, as someone involved with the construction of One57 puts it, ‘Flash matters far more than tradition'”…NY Magazine

Snidley Whiplash via Jay Ward Productions

(Landlordrocknyc Opinion): Remember, Snidley Whiplash (aka Gary Barnett & Extell), all of these much-hyped mega-million dollar “sales” at your “Billiionaires’ Building” are only in contract .  Your big buck buyers could back out before One57 closes in 2013 now that the show-off luster of the building is literally gone with the wind. (Like Lev Leviev, Barnett was also a diamond dealer.)  Your company’s callous regard for the safety of others kinda makes me hope they do walk away. Turns out that serious violations are old news at the construction site, as are preferential tax breaks meant for low-income New Yorkers.–Landlordrocknyc

 Crane Collapse Building Has Received Numerous Complaints–Time Newsfeed


One thought on “This Is What 90 Million Looks Like Now: One57 And The Dangling, Dangerous Crane

  1. One57 sounds like a catsup. It’s starting to give nose bleeds to the builders and buyers who live in high altitudes. I’ll love the ‘traditional’ mid-rise views. It helps me choose which to coat to wear by watching the local bustle. Sending my sympathies to all those who’ve had to vacate this special neighborhood.

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