How Two Elvises–Presley and Costello–Helped Wanda Jackson, The First Woman To Sing Rock ‘n Roll, Get Into The Hall Of Fame

Wanda Jackson with Jack White, L.A. 2011 (VIDEO):

Before it was a Crate & Barrel commercial, “Let’s Have A Party” was a 1958 hit for both Elvis Presley and his then girlfriend

Elvis Presley and Wanda Jackson

, teenage country

Wanda Jackson in a vintage publicity photo. Capitol Publicity photo by “Cliff Riddle of Hollywood”), early 1959.

singer Wanda Jackson. Presley convinced her to try his kind of music and decades later, another Elvis (Costello) would convince The
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to recognize Jackson in 2009.

“You can see the beginnings of just the idea of a girl up there with a guitar, not just standing there in a floral print dress, but having a bit of danger about her,” Costello said. “And having that in the voice as well.”

Jackson embodied “that kind of rock ‘n’ roll fire that doesn’t give any quarter to men doing the same thing, but from a female perspective,” Costello said.

“There’s nothing cute about it, you know? It’s just straight-out got the feeling”.–Elvis Costello


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