NYC Online Grocer Fresh Direct Hit Hard By Sandy: Email From CEO To Customers

Refrigerated Fresh Direct “receiving rooms” are now a perk in many high-end New York buildings. But customers will have to cool their

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a while longer  as the online grocery delivery company recovers from Sandy:

“As a local NY company, we’ve been saddened to see the destruction created by last week’s storm. The devastation is hard to comprehend. FreshDirect did sustain some damage from the hurricane, and we are working hard to recover quickly. In the meantime, I wanted to reach out to give a brief status update.

On the Positive Side

We Have Fresh Food and Are Re-Stocked. We’ve refilled our warehouse with fresh food from our network of farmers and suppliers. As always, we are focused on delivering the best quality food.
We’re Helping Our Neighbors. We continue to make large food donations in support of the ongoing relief efforts.

The Not So Good News

Our Delivery Fleet Was Damaged. During the storm, high flood waters damaged many of our trucks. Our team has been scouring the country for temporary refrigerated vehicles. Every day more trucks are making their way here as we try to rebuild our fleet. You may see deliveries being made from non-branded trucks. Know that these rentals are helping us to get by.

What Impact This May Have On Our Service

Timeslots May Be Sold Out. It is taking some time for us to get a full fleet back on the road. As new trucks come in, we are making more timeslots available. This will change day by day. For the next few weeks we are likely to sell out faster on peak days (Sunday and Monday). For more timeslot options, we’re encouraging customers to schedule deliveries between Tuesday and Saturday.
Customer Service May Be Harder to Reach at Times. We have been inundated with calls, making it harder to respond quickly. We’ve expanded our customer service team, but we still expect that call and email response times will be longer than normal. Please understand that we value you and are making every effort to address your concerns.

For Our Chef’s Table Customers

More Timeslots for Chef’s Table Members. We have set aside more timeslots for our Chef’s Table members so you have better access to delivery times.

I am so proud of the outstanding dedication our 2,500 employees have shown over the past week. The whole team is working incredibly hard to restore our business.

We thank you for your continued patience, and we look forward to serving you better in the weeks to come.

Jason Ackerman
FreshDirect Co-Founder and CEO ”

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