: “Donald Trump Loses It, Calls For Revolution”…

If The Donald would pay his drugstore bill, perhaps they would give him his meds again  and the world would be a kinder and gentler place. Trump told Don Imus that this was one of his favorite songs. The terrible (really terrible) 80’s fashions are worth the click. Manhattan Transfer, The Boy From New York City (VIDEO):


“UPDATED: The Donald deleted his most unhinged tweets calling for revolution. But we have the proof right here

“We should have a revolution in this country.” That was the opinion of Donald Trump after President Obama won re-election last night. But Trump doesn’t want you to know that. The Donald, for once, possibly realized he’d gone too far and tried to pretend he didn’t say that — or call for “revolution” in a second tweet as well.

But he can’t run from these screen grabs via David Dailey,” /07/donald_trump_loses_it_calls_for_revolution/

Earlier (and better)

Donald Trump And His Father ,Developer Fred Trump

versions of the Boy From New York City(The Ad LIbs, 1965) and Donald Trump:

Trump With 1st Wife Ivana, 2nd Wife Marla


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