How The 1% Shops: The World’s Most Expensive Candle ($450) and Marie Antoinette Candle ($140)

Yes, the world’s most expensive candle is $450. Investment-grade “wax” from France? Who knew? But as the copy says: “Invest

Candle, $450

  in hundreds of hours of dancing light.” If you choose to invest less, Cire Trudon, (established in 1643 in Paris  and candlemaker for Versailles during the “let them eat cake” years), has a 8″ wax bust of Maire Antoinette suitable for burning for only $140. Napolean is also available.

Cire Trudon’s Marie Antoinette Wax Candle Bust, $140
Also available in gold at Bergdorf’s

Bergdorf’s has a hand-painted  gilt version of Marie in their holiday catalog, $140. Talk about burning money. Sorry, couldn’t resist the obvious reference to these very luxe ways

Room Spray, $140

to light up the night. Sandy is a dim memory for some.

“Cire Trudon – La Grande Bougie Abd El Kader Candle
Invest in hundreds of hours of dancing light and bewitching aroma with this grandly-sized three-wick pillar candle in its cylindrical glass jar. A trademark green hue suffuses the glass, which is adorned with the signature golden blazon of one of the most prestigious makers of candles in Europe. The aromas captured in the exclusive vegetable wax have the rich complexity of the world’s finest perfumes, and the glass holder has magnificent gravitas on a side table. The sweetness of jasmine and vanilla are a mellow, liquid drench in this scent, but they play host to greater complexities

Matches, $12

. A bright, exciting sharpness rises on these soft base notes: cooling spearmint and warming lemon, spicy ginger and low, lively cloves. A hint of sensual fruit – crisp apples and dark, juicy black currants – brings a fuller body to a home scent which fuses traditional favorites into the complexity of Eastern perfume.

  • 200+ Hour Burn Time
  • H:8.5″ Diameter:7.25″
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