As The Trump Tweets: Macy’s Issues Statement ; ‘Another Miracle On 34th Street’ Commercial

There’s not much magic (or humor)  in this Macy’s Christmas  commercial featuring the tweeting  real estate mogul, Mr. Trump, and friends Talyor Swift, Justin Beiber, Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stewart and Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn, 1947).

Unfortunately for the tweetosphere, Trump loves the free attention and 140 character format of Twitter so expect more outbursts:

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump Donald J. Trump

“Thanks- many are saying I’m the best 140 character writer in the world. It’s easy when it’s fun. 

“I love Twitter…. it’s like owning your own newspaper— without the losses.”

Meanwhile, Macy’s issued an elegantly crafted statement suggesting that the Trump sideshow will go on . Happy First Ammendment, everyone.

In an email to Businessweek, spokesman Jim Sluzewski stated that:

“Macy’s marketing and merchandise offerings are not representative of any political position. Many of the individuals associated with products sold at Macy’s — or at any retailer, for that matter — express personal opinions that are not related to the merchandise we sell or to the philosophies of our company.”


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