Two Presidents, Hitler and The King: Boyhood Dreams That Didn’t Come True

A surprisingly attractive Richard Nixon in High School

Arkansas All-State Saxophonist Bill Clinton

Back in the day when Bill Clinton probably didn’t get the girl…

Bill Clinton wanted to be a musician. Elvis wanted to be a narc. Hitler wanted to be a painter. And Richard Nixon wanted to be Minute Maid. A very short trip down the boulevard of broken  boyhood dreams …

In 1940, one of Nixon’s clients convinced the young  Orange County California lawyer that frozen juice was his ticket to fame and fortune. The start-up, called Citra-Frost
(aka Citri-Frost) lasted only 18 months.

A partner at the law firm that employed him would later recall Nixon’s fevered attempts to get
it right long after everyone else knew there was no hope. Nixon “would work like
a dog. He was out there cutting oranges and squeezing oranges day and night
after his day job as a lawyer,” Bewley said. “And he just couldn’t realize that
they wouldn’t make a success of that. He tried metal, glass, paper and
cellophane containers. The trouble was he focused on freezing the juice rather than the concentrate.”

Nixon finally gave up when a boxcar full of juice packed in plastic bags exploded. Citra-Frost went bankrupt and its President entered politics.

Bill Clinton plays  Heartbreak Hotel on the sax,  Arsenio Hall 1992

Nixon plays his own classical composition on The Jack Parr Show

Before fame and fortune ended his truck driving career (and night school studies
to be an electrician, The King drove a truck for Crown Electric in Memphis.

Elvis, his dad, Dr. Nick, and the Memphis Mafia after being
deputized in Memphis. The guys got badges from the Sherrif . He got a
Mercedes from Elvis.

The DEA badge given to Elvis by the failed orange juice tycoon,
Richard Nixon

Drawings by Adolph Hitler, twice rejected by The Vienna Academy of Art.
He blamed a Jewish professor for not be accepted as an art student.


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