Four Star Luxury: The Perks Of Being Petraeus

General Petraeus.
He’s No George Clooney.


Turns out it’s not just all opportunistic babes with boob jobs. The alpha, military male (aka Four Star General) enjoys a limo 1% percenter  lifestyle with luxury trappings usually enjoyed by rock stars and heads of state. In fact, the only  Fed employee with more staff, planes, cars (and an admittedly better house) is Obama.-Landlordrocknyc

Paula Broadwell

“General Petraeus is one of the most important Americans of our time, in or out of uniform” (Smirk via Landlordrocknyc) Tom Brokaw, review of All In

The Washington Post reports:“Then-defense secretary Robert M. Gates stopped bagging his leaves when he moved into a small Washington military enclave in 2007. His next-door neighbor was Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, who had a chef, a personal valet and — not lost on Gates — troops to tend his property.Gates may have been the civilian leader of the world’s largest military, but his position did not come with household staff. So, he often joked, he disposed of his leaves by blowing them onto the chairman’s lawn. “I was often jealous because he had four enlisted people helping him all the time,” Gates said in response to a question after a speech Thursday. He wryly complained to his wife that “Mullen’s got guys over there who are fixing meals for him, and I’m shoving something into the microwave. And I’m his boss.”

Of the many facts that have come to light in the scandal involving former CIA director David H. Petraeus, among the most curious was that during his days as a four-star general, he was once escorted by 28 police motorcycles as he traveled from his Central Command headquarters

Via Private Investigator Bill Warner

in Tampa to socialite Jill Kelley’s mansion. Although most of his trips did not involve a presidential-size convoy, the scandal has prompted new scrutiny of the imperial trappings that come with a senior general’s lifestyle.

The commanders who lead the nation’s military services and those who oversee troops around the world

Eisenhower and his London chauffer/mistress Kay Somersby

enjoy an array of perquisites befitting a billionaire, including executive jets, palatial homes, drivers, security guards and aides to carry their bags, press their uniforms and track their schedules in 10-minute increments. Their food is prepared by gourmet chefs. If they want music with their dinner parties, their staff can summon a string quartet or a choir.

The elite regional commanders who preside over large swaths of the planet don’t have to settle for Gulfstream V jets. They each have a C-40

Mile High Club Military HQ?
The C-40. Each **** General has his own.
Beds included.

, the military equivalent of a Boeing 737, some of which are configured with beds.”

An almost unrecognizable Tom Selleck as Ike:


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