Bad Enough They’re Building The New York Wheel On Staten Island. But Did They Have To Call It A Wheel Estate blog?

Painting by Diego Rivera Mexican, 1886-1957): Portrait of Adolfo Best Maugard, 1913. Oil on canvas,

I’m not kidding. Here’s the link to the New York Wheel Estate blog.

It’s an update on their project after Sandy. And because neither rain nor sleet or loss of life and property can delay  a high profile NYC project (even one on the devastated shoreline of Staten Island) the hearings must go on as well. And this one did.

A November 15th  letter to Deputy Mayor Robert Steel blasting the timing of the scoping meeting.

“The fact that this hearing is still being held tonight is even more bizarre when we consider that the administration has been criticized by some conspiracy-minded individuals for allegedly attempting to rush the process,” the lawmakers wrote, adding, “Holding this hearing tonight, while so many Staten Islanders are still dealing with unimaginable tragedy, will continue to feed into this criticism.”–


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