Paula Broadwell Sells Firearms Of The Future In Kriss-Arms Marketing Video

Patreaus reportedly said he was attracted to Broadwell’s “intellect and  physical prowess”. Both are on display here as she shills and demonstrates  the latest, greatest  submachine gun from Kriss-Arms. (Sorry shoppers, not available at fine stores anywhere or on the Kriss-Arms website unless you’re The Pentagon.)  The NY Daily News liked her tight jeans and described her smart soldier cameo as “sexy”.

It all reminds me of

When G. Gordon Liddy busted Timothy Leary for drugs at The Hitchcock Estate in Millbrook, NY in 1966, Liddy  wore a mustache and a trench coat. Leary asked: “Are you  Peter Sellers  doing  Inspector Clouseau?”

Liddy and Leary became friends in prison and later went on tour:
The State of The Mind vs. The Mind of The State

G. Gordon Liddy’s

1996-1997 G. Gordon Liddy “Girls With Guns: Stacked And Packed ” Pin-Up

cheesy pin-up calendars from the l990’s: “Girls With Guns: Stacked And Packed”.


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