The Big Tease: Neiman Marcus, Target And Who? 24 Designers, 50+ Gifts on December 1

Can hipper than thou marketing be too cool (and too quick) for the room? The TV and online ads for the historic holiday pairing of Neiman Marcus,

Marie Antoinette by Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun, 1783

Target and 24 luxe category designers are graphically wonderful. But it all happens so fast (at least for me) that the big names go by in a blur. It leaves me wanting more info. Maybe that was the point. Here’s more info on the  #Holiday24 Collection of more than 50 gifts  that launches in-store and online Dec. 1.Prices are the same at Neiman Marcus and Target.  Of course, there is a whiff of “let them buy cake” Marie Antoinette-ism about this promotion and all such class goes mass events. It’s only because prices are so obscene now that it seems like a big deal (and a good deal) for the 99 percenters who don’t (or won’t) spend $4,000 on a bag.


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