Landlordnyc Fashion: Rich Young Men In “Bespoke” Suits As Burberry Hipsters Discover “Semi-Custom” Clothing

191191946651068757_IlPItBbR_cIt shouldn’t be news that a posh Brit men’s store is promoting old-school tailoring and 257549672410306693_5HmZkIqp_b262827328223491584_wXKUOtOH_bpushing suits, but it is. From Burberry London, further proof that tailored clothing (and all it implies) is now cool and hip for young guys with dough (or not), and that the neo-elegance menswear217861700695616888_V5sfbwth_b trend in fashion is not just for girls. (Who still have to pay for their alterations on pricey designer pieces while guys traditionally get it for free at all price points.)

273664114827408786_o7JBpz8s_bMarketed as “bespoke”  120823202474180547_P7HoyfAU_b(Brit for custom), the scheme is actually a high-end version of the made-to-measure menswear game: dude chooses his model (classic, modern or slim)257549672410306683_5ONLYFEk_c and fabric. Then  he is measured by his “tailor” who also does the fitting and adjustments when the suit is delivered to the store (usually within 48 hours). Burberry calls this step “hand-finishing”.  Expect prices to be Burberry-expensive and equivalent to  real bespoke tailoring but with a much higher hipness factor.


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