Luck Of The Irish: Will Bubba Bill Clinton Be Their New U.S. Ambassador?

For a good time call Bill and Hillary: Bubba’s 60th Birthday (VIDEO)

From a diplomatic headhunting perspective, it feels like the perfect encore career for B.C. He gets the pastoral



glories of Ireland to soothe his spirit and that of the Missus. Plus, there all  those pesky economic and political problems  facing the Emerald Isle and Europe to ponder and solve. The Ambassador’s Wife already knows how to throw a good shindig and chat up the big wigs so  Dublin

Statue Of James Joyce, Dublin

Statue Of James Joyce, Dublin

Trinity Library, Dublin

Trinity Library, Dublin

could be a relaxing, fun place to park her  ambition for a while (say, four years if we’re lucky?). Since the Clintons are the only boomers in their 60’s that anyone wants to hire for anything, we say go for it Hill & Bill. Take the job if Obama offers it.

The Clintons283375001522975620_uVPPOgX5_c like to party. They also love Dancing With The Stars. If his health could handle it, he’d be strutting his stuff in front of Len and the rest. (I promise you he said this.) But the couple are planning on taking ballroom dancing lessons when Hillary leaves the State Department. Does Arthur Murray still exist?

Arthur Murray Party, 1954 w/ commercials (VIDEO):

Times Square 2009


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