Fashion Muse Daphne Guinness’ Tub Runneth Over: Neighbors Sue, She Sells Stanhope Hotel Flat In NYC

246994360784279964_QdaxQ4e2_b91831279871353761_uuatJUKc_b264234703106665927_XVM3C2Sm_c 228135537344055086_vtKjHcq5_b182818066093797590_aJppCAz7_b 276478864593959624_DIhRb1Ga_bCall her madcap, but after  long days (and nights) of wearing shoes without heels , nail polish on her lips, and getting dressed in Barney’s window, Daphne Guinness, the decidedly not stout heiress and fashion eccentric, needed her baths.  What her neighbors didn’t need, was  her bath overflowing into  their multi-million dollar digs..  And it happened more than once. Enter lawyers.

Guinness told the New York Post’s Page Six, “… she’s just sold her apartment inside the Stanhope Hotel after she was sued by downstairs neighbors who claimed her overflowing tub caused damage to their property. She sold the four-bedroom pad for $11.3 million, $430,000 less than she paid for it in 2008. Daphne told us, “I am glad to be out of the building, the lawsuit caused me so much distress. I felt afraid every time I got in the elevator I’d bump into the neighbors.” …  “I have now moved into a hotel, this is a new beginning for me, a new chapter.”-NY Post



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