Iris Apfel, The Geriatric Starlet And 91 Year Old Cheap Thrill of Home Shopping Network


Iris Apfel For MAC


Iris Apfel In Architectural Digest

By refusing to dress her age at 91 (or ever), Advanced 88735055127513690_T1QtmU1Y_b 79164905919642264_JqcKzzjj_b Style icon Iris Apfel is the leader of the current “go bolder as you grow older” fashion pack.  Great artistic geezers  (think late-life Frank Lloyd Wright in his cape, Louise Nevelson in her fake eyelashes, Dali in his mustache ) all embraced bits of visual,personal and very repetitive branding we still remember. For Apfel, it’s those “bigger than Swifty Lazar” black rimmed glasses. The specs  anchor everything and balance the  baubles. Apfel wears color in a town

Rara Avis By Iris Apfel for HSN, $39.95

Rara Avis By Iris Apfel for HSN, $39.95

where black is always the new black. .Her   backround  is high-end interior and fashion design –With her husband Carl. she founded  Old World Weavers whose luxury textiles decorated the Kennedy White House and Greta Garbo’s digs. The company  is now owned by Stark.


$34.95 at HSN


$59.95 at HSN


$29,95 at HSN


Heart Brooch, $59,95 at HSN


Iris Apfel Shoe Collection for HSN

Iris Apfel Handbag Collection Extinction at Henri Bendel

Iris Apfel’s Mongolian Lamb Bag from her Extinction’s Colletion, $340-$660 at Bloomie’s and Bendels

Now,  here’s the cheap thrill part. Apfel is becoming the Joan Rivers of rival Home Shopping Network–knocking off her personal jewelry  faves for the rest of us under the Rara Avis label. She’s also designing bags for Bloomingdales & Bendels;  shoes  for HSN. She refers to herself as “The Geriatric Starlet”


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