Aging Like A Vogue Editor: Anna And Everyone Else


Legendary Editor’s Of Vogue, Photograph by Annie Leibowitz

At 63, Anna Wintour’a face is newscaster smooth suggesting she’s an enthusiastic consumer of the latest and greatest  surgical tweaks and dermatological treatments featured in Vogue. (No surprise here.)The other legendaryladygagavogueusseptember2012 editors (past and present) , not so much. Or at all–proving self-acceptance is quite beautiful as is silver hair (3 editors have it) and the choice to age a la Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg And Her Husbnd Barry Diller

Diane Von Furstenberg and her husbnd Barry Diller

Anna Wintour And Her Daughter Bee Schaeffer

Anna Wintour And Her Daughter Bee Schaeffer

with no scalpel work at all. But what woman over 50 hasn’t  lifted her face with her fingers just to see…Photo is by Annie Leibowitz for the HBO documentary, In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye. It is the magazine’s 120th Anniversary. The oldest former editor shown is Babs Simpson (seated in the chair), age 99.


The Young Anna Wintour


The Young Diane Von Furstenberg


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