Chrome Walls, Black Bedroom: Tom Ford Finally Sells His Mayfair London Mansion

164240717631488700_7dbMEq0q_c132363676518598305_Sb3brjFu_c152770612329611719_aeFwfgVk_c83246293082527843_WfFtcgGn_c Ford bought  this 8,200-square-foot Mayfair house in 2004 for about $9 Million. Eight years, chrome living room walls and a black bedroom later,   the house finally sold, to an undisclosed buyer for an unknown sum. It had  been listed at $ 71 Million in 2009 and was taken off the market when it didn’t sell.tom-ford-london-home-inside-5218987600602886715_MxRb1yYI_ctom-ford-london-home-inside-8 To me, it looks very much like the house listed on “Million Dollar Listing, London” last season but I can’t find photos to confirm.


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