Good News for Obama’s Closet: Hickey Freeman Suits Will Continue To Be Made In America; Ivy Style Exhibibit at FIT


Hickey Freeman Workers at The “Temple of Tailoring”,
Rochester,New York 1925


Gatsby-Era Princeton Ivy Style


Yale 1950’s



Hickey Freeman Factory, Rochester,NY

The new owners of luxury clothier  Hickey Freeman, historically a favorite brand of the POTUS crowd, are not planning to shutter their manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY.  The  high-end tailored clothing favored  by Leaders Of The Free World and C-Level execs  will still be handmade upstate as it has been since 1899. (In 1960, when Don Draper was buying his suits, 95% of our clothing  was  made in the U. S. Today it’s only  2%. Not surprising that 788,300 garment jobs have been lost since 1990. )

Ivy Style at FIT: September 12, 2012- January 5, 2013 We think of it as conservative, but Ivy Style was actually cutting edge in the beginning with F. Scott Fitzgerald-era Princeton Men  leading the way.

Princeton 1919 Blazer

Princeton 1919 Blazer


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