Prada Does The 1920’s Dresses For Leonardo DiCaprio Great Gatsby Movie But Boardwalk Empire Does Flapper Style Better


Vogue 1928


Cary Mulligan As Daisy Buchanan


Louise Brooks


Loretta Young


The Modern Woman Of The Twenties Wears Short Skirts And Drives a Car

They lost me at the Brooke Sheild’s 1980’s eyebrows on Daisy Buchanan. I know, I know…re-imagining period style in a cutting-edge 3-D way (with the help of Prada) is what  Baz Luhrmann and his costume director wife Catherine Martin do. But why? There is no more lush or  lavish or  liberating time for the 20th century woman than the 1920’s. Corsets were gone.  Skirts were short.  Fitzgerald wrote about Bernice Bobbing  Her Hair. Women smoked as a sign of emancipation.  Chanel was the new chic and eyebrows were pencil thin.


Louise Brooks


Boardwalk Empire Costume


Nucky Thompson’s Ties & Collars

82331499407349484_TmxvmERS_bHBO’s Boardwalk Empire (with the help of Martin Scorsese) has captured every nuance of the Jazz Age perfectly. (For the record, Nucky Thompson’s clothing is custom made in Brooklyn by Martin Greenfield.)

Official ‘Prada” Great Gatsby 2013 Trailer (VIDEO):

Ralph Lauren’s 1974 Great Gatsby With Robert Redford & Mia Farrow

The Flapper Style of Joan Crawford, Our Dancing Daughters 1928 (Video):


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