George Clooney’s Lake Como: No Million Dollar Decorators Need Apply


Can I borrow a cup of sugar?
George Clooney photographed by Annie Leibowitz at a neighbor’s home,
Villa Alamel, Lake Como



George Clooney’s Vila Oleandra, Lake Como


Ceiling at Geroge’s


One Of 15 Bedrooms At Villa Oleandra.
Sam, you made the spread too short…

There is something so wonderfully confirmed bachelor and “clueless when it comes to decorating” straight guy about George Clooney’s home in Lake Como. Yes, it’s a villa with allef1bed805093c0f1d835f17a8456e7fc8509b9972634ef3904ab05f6970d7d51abc_clooney_gym_050929_ssh sorts of spectacular historic Italian flourishes. Yes, it’s worth millions8196c76735e7e94745aa78bb9924f464. Yes, it has 15 bedrooms.  (Clooney says he doesn’t  sleep in the master bedroom because ” it’s too big”.)  But George, that bed in a bag comforter someone bought on is a bit short for the bed, yes? Though I doubt his female friends on site have noticed.


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