Birkin Backlash: Is The $10,000 Hermes Classic Still Chic Or A Cliche?

Before She Was A Purse: Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg 1969


Unbuckled Hermes Kelly Exotic Skin Bag


Bag By Celine

Disclosure: I don’t own a Birkin . I don’t know that I want to own a Birkin or have the “look at me I’m worth it” sense of entitlement to spend that kind of dough,  then  rock it NY style–i.e. signature strap unbuckled the better to show off the logo, my dear. Friends who have invested say  that strutting the status is not the reason–that  buckling and unbuckling the strap is inconvenient and a  royal PITA. But ain’t it dangerous to flash that kind of logo-blazing conspicuous consumption on the mean girl streets of New York?  There are still purse snatchers in town, yes?  But we never hear any alarming crime statistics on the topic –an interesting fact considering that megabucks power bags are the new jewelry (and furs)  and have been for a while. In 2013, $2,500 will buy you a big-impact Prada or this Celine stunner, not very much gold and only half of a decent shearling.


2 thoughts on “Birkin Backlash: Is The $10,000 Hermes Classic Still Chic Or A Cliche?

  1. It’s ironic because that particular brand of “bling” was not what either Jane or Serge stood for (even if the original Birkin bag was designed for Jane).
    I grew up in socialist France, where counter-intuitively, certain status symbols really mattered. I ended up starving myself and having a Birkin bag, just like the other girls.
    Today, I value the Gainsbourg legacy (all that poetry!) far more than any handbag.

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