Chanel Boy: The Latest in ‘I’m Dating An Oligarch’ Chic

Not for the shy or anyone seriously worried about fiscal cliffs, Chanel’s Boy Collection Bags are as embellished as it gets.
British polo player Arthur Boy mode-229Capel was 1965349d1354299942-chanel-chateau-medium-boy-img-20121201-01651Coco’s lover and first fashion muse, and she famously stole the best of his dashing Aristo-Brit Boy Capel style for the girls she would dress on her way to inventing modern fashion.

How Karl Lagerfeld gets from Boy’s impeccable country  Downton coco018Abbey-era tweeds to the most conspicuously Chanel bags ever, is a mystery. (Ornate country house, perhaps?)  But that’s why he’s Karl Lagerfeld and I’m not.1957108d1353695369-chanel-chateau-medium-boy-image-2591727112-1



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