Photographer Bert Stern And Marilyn Monroe’s Last Photography Sitting For Vogue, 1962

MM_camera MM BW Looking Up with Veil_v2 100241_1_x03“My favorite thing in the world is women. There have been basically only two women who interested me. One I was married to–Allegra Kent. The other was Marilyn Monroe. I had no way of knowing what her demons were.”–Bert Stern

Bert Stern, Original Madman, Trailer

It takes one to know one. Ad man George Lois, the self-proclaimed real Don Draperyoung_gl,  and an iconc cultural force of his own,  described Bert Stern as a “cultural provocateur”. And yes, it’s possible for a  website to be a creative triumph with graphics. music and content almost equal to the genius of its subject, (and the subject of an acclaimed 2011 documentary),the great American photographer Bert Stern. Be sure to click on the gallery for more Stern:

Diamonds And Pearls, Vogue Sitting 1962

Gloves and “Betty Draper” Hair, Dress, 1962

Marilyn’s Last Interview. 1962,  just days before her death at age 36. Note, her real voice is not the breathy, seductive MM voice that was her on-screen trademark.


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