Cufflinks For Masters Of The Universe: Cole Porter-Inspired Night And Day Cufflinks , by Verdura


Night And Day Cufflinks by Verdura
Gold, enamel and diamonds, $8,150

We think of Verdura as Chanel’s jeweler and the Italian ex-pat Duke who designed her signature Maltese Crosslarge cuffs and brought a dramatic modernity to jewelry.  But Chanel verdura-coco-chanel-1did not discover Fulco di Verdura, Cole Porter did and backed him financially (along with Vincent Astor)  his entire career.  A lasting result of their collaberation, the Porter inspired, Verdura designed Night And Day Cufflinks.  For worldly men with both taste and moolah, these are the ones and have been since 1941.


Duke Fulco,di Verdura’s ancestral home, now a hotel in Palermo, Italy.
Despite his pedigree and Palozzo, Verdura needed dough and supported himself as a designer.

verdura02-333x500 Screen-shot-2011-12-19-at-5.28-494x500 Belt-Buckle-Bracelet_111-500x375


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