The Decades-Old Downton Abbey Style of Ralph Lauren

Bronx-born Ralph Lifshitz, (if you asked Downton Abbey star and reincarnation traveler Shirley Maclaine) , probably did do some quality time in the U.K. in a former life. How else to explain his decades-long mastery of upper class Brit style? 283797213989499730_ycU1QjqY_c 142356038192384672_r8qL9pSp_c 235102043018511601_uqRgbrvj_c-1 96475616989544708_kc4gVxfc_c 187321665722665851_5gQ1H0A2_c 188377196885316494_qnhvqPJH_c  His  modern take on it all is so perfect, young Royals embrace it as well. It’s fitting then, that RL is the major  corporate sponsor for  Season 3 of  Downton Abbey.  Here, his sold-out  2012 Fall Collection channels  Masterpiece Theater,  runway style. Landlordrocknyc’s favorite look? The leopard-printed  furs mixed with tweeds and menswear pieces.

No geezerish, pastel  polyester or Eileen Fisher tunics  for Shirley Maclaine and  Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey. It’s Downton Dowager Glamour all the way– with Edwardian fur, ornamentation and lots of black jet.

Dame_Maggie_Smith_vs_Shirley_MacLaine_in_Downton_Abbey_series_three___video-1 maggie.smith_.and_.shirley.maclaine


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