One King’s Lane, Joss And Main: Sometimes Cheap, But No Longer A Thrill

Which twin has the Toni?  One King’s Lane was first but Joss And Main is such a mirror image of the Los Angeles -based home decor flash sale site that it’s hard to remember which “designer address” you’re shopping. K-Mart, Wal-Mart–retailers seem to have no problem with copycat-ing.

One King’s Lane has the Bravo Million Dollar Decorator’s endorsed collections of exclusive  stuff sourced in exotic, inexpensive locales  and took us along on the buying trip.

And both sites must use the same user-unfriendly graphic template. It forces you to scroll on and on into infinity just to view the goods and has literally given me a mild bit of motion sickness.

vintagemasters_01Landlordrocknyc Shopping Tip: Get on the  Horchow, Neiman’s And Ralph Lauren mailing lists instead. They have great sales, the sites are elegant and the stuff is better. Horchow/NM customer style profile is traditional/more is more but if you edit carefully you can avoid The Real Life Housewives Of New Jersey too much leopard and gilt look.

All photos here, via Ralph Lauren, Paint Collections urbanloft_01 thoroughbred_01


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