Good News For Dr.Scholl’s: The Return Of The Single Sole Stiletto

218987600601886406_JzHrdtjZ_b 13581236346487805_gVunvA7z_b 110830840799302142_S8FLy6MP_c 274930752223578136_er3gN3Tq_bIf what separates a  boy from  a man is the price of his  toys, than what separates a babe from her mom is the ability (and motivation)  to pound 96475616989591368_QKpGeCQS_c96475616989591339_XieuRfh9_c city pavement in really high heels.

Clare Booth Luce568157309210398451_bj01WJ68_c said aging is not for sissies, but she didn’t say anything about giving up 4″ heels forever. In her day, women rocked hats and jewels which required no fitness or agility whatsoever–just a well-heeled husband.

Clare Booth Luce

Clare Booth Luce

In the 60’s, the pointy toed  high-heels

Dior Shoes/ Dior Coat 1950's

Dior Shoes/ Dior Coat 1950’s

of the 50’s were a 435652963923408312_Mwi2IIbZ_cpolitical no-no–a symbol of submissiveness, not sexiness.  We wore short, sexless heels and shorter skirts. Looking back, the shoes sucked–kinda like granny’s Ferragamo married to a little girl’s party shoe.

Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier 1960’s


Roger Vivier and Charles Jourdan, 1960’s



Roger Vivier did the era best.

96475616989591348_09stYCMw_c96475616989591374_7kvDp0jz_cSo here’s where the leather meets the road in 2013.  If you can walk NYC in 4 or 5 inch heels without  the cushion of a platform and a drugstore’s worth of Dr. Scholl’s pads and cushions, you’re young enough to wear ’em.

Here are some of the best news-again single sole shoes from Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Nicholas Kirkwood and Roger Vivier.


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