The Soft, Seductive Sell Of Chanel: Haute Sunglasses Are The New Objects Of Desire

Yes, there is a universal lust for all thingsChanel-2012-sunglasses-Linda-Evangelista-for-Chanel-03 2012chanel_chaneleye-anjarubik1 Chanel. But this is as much about marketing mastery as it is design pedigree. At a time when it is whispered
that components (if not all) of some of our poshest purses and luxury accessory obsessions  are not made in Italy or France as promised, these artful online mini films show the poetic perfection of Chanel’s process. We’re seeing the chicest  French “sausage” being made and it’s not only reassuring, it’s very beautiful. No gulags, child labor, or shoddy stuff here. Vive La France and Chanel!  Just watch out for the fakes on eBay.


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