Mel And Jodie, Oscar And Galliano: Oscar de la Renta Gives Disgraced Designer A 3-Week Gig

74590937548385525_7IdCDymp_ca_4x-horizontalIs Mel Gibson the biological father of Jodie Foster’s kids? That’s the hot Hollywood rumor trending Mel+Gibson+and+Jodie+Fosternow that could explain her curious affection for the big screen bigot.

But in the case of Oscar de la Renta and French Fashion Anti-Semite John Galliano, the “Who’s Your Daddy?” defense does not apply. Oscar has given Galliano a three-week gig in New York,  the designer’s  first fashion industry work in two years.107875353545657803_uGjnEAFb_c 138626494749483451_pwdpcR7K_c 158611218097285422_a65S6YkG_c 264797653061528505_m4CmztIo_c JC blames his hate speech melt-down in a Paris restaurant on the bottle. Rehabbed and 435512226435356802_gUMe9DqY_chopefully reformed, he’s now a poster boy for The Anti-Defemation League:

“We wish him much success and look forward to working with him again in the near future as a spokesman against anti-Semitism, intolerance and bigotry … We believe that individuals can change their hearts and minds as long as they demonstrate true contrition.” The Anti-Defamation League

And New York Magazine did a great spoof imagining his first day at Oscar’s though I found  readers’ comments on their blog  disturbing as the majority trivialized the ugliness of his hate speech in their rush to praise his talent.  But because humor is a positive force and not a dark one, here’s that satirical  post from The Cut:

“6 a.m. My alarm sounds early so I’ll have ample time to put together the perfect outfit for my first day. Would a pair of jeans with dangling suspenders be too casual? Is a veil overkill? Eventually, I settle on all black and the Adidas by Raf Simons shoes that he sent me yesterday. I braid my weave and practice a toned-down version of my party face in the mirror a few times. I want a smile that says, “I’m fun to be around,” and, “Nothing to record on your camera phone here.

3:30 p.m. A different assistant visits me and asks if I’d like to help with pinning. Yes! A fashion-related activity. I pull out my tools and get ready to follow her to the studio, but she explains that she’s speaking of something called Pinterest that’s on the computer. It takes me the rest of the day to learn how to use it, and the assistant seems displeased when I “pin” pictures like4970_original_tumblr_loe8rwNGzC1qb5gkjo1_500 this…”–NY Magazine, The Cut



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