No Zip Cars Allowed: Barrett-Jackson And The Rarified World Of Big-Ticket Car Collecting

Fatty Arbuckle's Pierce Arrow

Fatty Arbuckle’s Pierce Arrow

Breaking  Batman  News:  batmobile13Original TV Batmobile sells for $4.2 at Barrett Jackson, buyer’s i.d. unknown. Nice car to visit, but I wouldn’t want to own it. I prefer the Norma Desmond specials below:

The NY Times reports on the 1927 Bugatti 1929 Isotta Fraschini 1930packard137844_Front_3-4_Web 1934 Cadillac20AUCTION2-popup 1957 t-bird138001_Front_3-4_Web 1938 cadillac137839_Front_3-4_Web deusy-660 Model J 1934 Delahaye type 1049 coupe de ville 1937 packard super 8137843_Front_3-4_Web 1934 Pierce-Arrow137868_Front_3-4_Webhighest-end collectibles of all, the thousand plus lots of vintage cars on the auction block this weekend  at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale Arizona Sale.

Recession? That’s So Yesterday? ” …Judging by the number of consignments and the turnout of buyers, the annual winter classic car auctions that began here on Tuesday with Barrett-Jackson’s sale seem to have been immunized against every strain of economic flu. It’s almost as though the lean recession years of 2009-10 never happened…”–NY Times

We’re talking Jay Leno/ Ralph Lauren territory here for some of the rarest rides. My selections are based strictly on looks (like many New Yorkers, I don’t drive or aspire to own a hot rod of my own)  but like all beautiful and rare things , perfection rarely comes cheap.

1957 Maserati 150 GT Spider, Est. $3-4 Million

1957 Maserati 150 GT Spider, Est. $3-4 Million

The 1957 Maserati Spider is estimated at $3,000,000-4,000.000, and it’s not the most expensive car in the sale.


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