“Beautiful For The Price of Ugly”–Interior Designer Andree Putman Dies at 87 In Paris

putman-living-room-copy434 _original-1 _original SMTTM-Andree-Putman-1 SMTTM-Andree-Putman-2 SMTTM-Andree-Putman-3 SMTTM-Andree-Putman-4 SMTTM-Andree-Putman-10 SMTTM-Andree-Putman-81In  1958 Andree Putman would be recruited as a stylist for the French retail chain Prisunic and called on to design home furnishings. Under the evocative slogan “Beautiful for the price of ugly,” she was entrusted with a mission to democratize style, a theme she would forever hold dear.”–The Daily Beast

Born AndréeSMTTM-Andree-Putman-7SMTTM-Andree-Putman-5 Christine Aynard in Paris on December 23, 1925, her career spanned  more than 4 decades and she was designated “Above taste” by the German publication Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Mme. Putman was also the design force  behind  Ian Schrager’s first “Boutique Hotel” — Morgans in New York and then the Wasserturm in Cologne and Pershing Hall in Paris.

Commissioned in 1984 to refurbish, on a tight budget, New York City’s Morgans Hotel, Putman shunned what she called the “vulgarity” of traditional luxury and opted instead for a streamlined yet opulent sense of comfort. She used her signature black-and-white checkerboard tiles throughout the hotel’s hallways and bathrooms.

Ms. Putman may be best known for her editing skills, having assembled a collection of 20th century modern furnishings to be reproduced by her firm Ecart International,

Eileen Gray Table

Eileen Gray Table

founded in 1978 and located in Paris’ 16th arrondisement. It is largely through Ecart’s efforts that pieces by Eileen Gray, Mallet-Stevens, Fortuny, Gaudi, Herbst, Lartigue and Frank were reintroduced to the design world.


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