Obama Inaugural Fashion Watch: The Good News Is That Michelle O Wore Thom Browne and Barack Did Not


Designer Thom Browne

The Free and Not So Free World should be happy that Mrs. POTUS wore Tom Browne51Rjckz-FML._SL500_AA300_ Barack Obama Attends The Inaugural Luncheon 12033123973907766_tOndumpd_c obama-browne-4_3_r536_c534 thom browne574912708651402718_VrU6fT4S_c-1 226868899950710295_6d4swQjo_c 199917670930633257_fT5hAb2x_c 187251296976313646_iYBDTsjT_c 154318724703511419_zT4jD5bU_c 118078821452085971_TrSXByX1_c 101401429081950118_EbyZranO_c 46795283598531067_yGDn44kk_c 28358672623637349_pP6ihdGd_c and that the President did not. Browne’s women’s collection is elegant with a truly modern, sculptural edge that was a surprising but sophisticated  choice for the First Lady.

Brown’s menswear (especially his  Bar Mitzvah Boy Outgrew His Pants- Inspired suits) have a deliberate and comical  Pink Lee vibe. (For those too young to remember, Lee’s kids show was the lead-in to Howdy Doody in the early 1950’s.)  Happily, the President did not follow suit and choose Hickey Freeman instead.

“A former design director for  Ralph Lauren’s Club Monaco and an award-winning designer who — distressed by the disheveled mess that was men’s wear in the aftermath of business casual — took a pronounced taste for a geek version of the 1960s ”Mad Men” style, and also a pair of scissors, to the traditional suit. Having decided that the American male uniform of jeans and a T-shirt had lapsed into a form of dreary establishment dressing, Mr. Browne set about reviving the suit, a costume that once defined the establishment. Slashing away with abandon, he arrived at a silhouette that was lean and shrunken, with trousers lopped off well north of the ankle,”–NY Times

“Mrs. Obama wore a navy-silk, checkered-pattered coat and dress by Browne that were inspired by a menswear necktie. The outfit was specifically designed for the first lady, but Browne said he wasn’t 100 percent sure she was going to wear it until she came out with it on Inauguration Day.

“I am proud and humbled,” he told The Associated Press.”–USA Today

And Presidental fashion watchers everywhere  are relieved that Browne kept his mitts (No, not Romney) off the Big Guy on January 21, 2013.




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