The Great Subway Nerd Mystery of 2013: Why Sergey Brin Was Really Riding the Subway in Google Glasses…


Sergey Brin  The Google co-founder was recently spotted on the downtown 3 train sporting his company’s Project Glass augmented reality eyewear. Brooklyn resident and AR enthusiast Noah Zerkin captured the moment late Sunday night, and apparently had a brief conversation with Brin, as well.


Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin In  Google Glasses

Knit hat lovers everywhere wanna know–was this a planned PR move or just a lucky Google Glass coincidence? I’m siding with The Atlantic Wire that it’s not serendipitous spin. Taking a page from Casablanca, “Out of all the subway cars in all of New York, 0909DVF2-articleInline0909DVF1-articleInline0909DVF3-articleInlinehe walked into mine…” I’m not buying it. Or the $1500 glasses even if they did  walk the runway for Diane Von Furstenberg.

From The Atlantic Wire:

“The Theory: It’s all a little too coincidental — Noah Zerkin, the man who snapped the shot pictured above, also happens to describe himself as a “Wearable Computing and Augmented Reality enthusiast” on his Twitter bio, and he works at The SuperTouch Group, where he plays with stuff similar to Google Glass. Questions have been asked:

Zerkin, with his augmented-reality connections on social media, is just the right kind of person to get attention in the Google Glass arena. Adding to the curiosity over Zerkin is that his spotting occurred just days after Google sent out invites for its first Project Glass “hackathon.” -The Atlantic Wire

The glasses have a microphone for voice commands, a speaker and camera that are controlled by a touchpad that lines the side of the device. Through this wearable computer, others can see what you see through streaming video and images.

The glasses are apparently lighter than some pairs of sunglasses, and the display sits above your line of vision so it doesn’t interfere with your daily life. That means you can takegoogle-hud-glasses pictures and videos without having to step out of the moment–such as while wearing Google Glasses a mother can capture a special moment with her newborn son, instead of grabbing a camera and missing it.

And think about the privacy risks of  wearable computers constantly recording  in secret. The opportunities  to be creepy and invasive are endless and chilling. At best, Googles superspecs will be  another addictive distracting in boring meetings or lectures. Have you left the room for a more virtual enhancement?  Whose gonna know?



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