Proof That “20 Something” Males Run The Ad Biz: Mercedes Carwash Superbowl Commercial With Kate Upton

Hello, Mad Avenue. There’s ladies here. kate-upton-mercedes-benz-commercial kate-upton-washing-mercedes-screenshots-0123-09-580x435We  buy and drive luxury cars too, you know . And I doubt that Kate Upton doing the sexy voyeur thing as goofy, leering guys watch her watch them washing a Beemer will make us write a check for the posh ride. (Though the $30,000 price tag is an incentive and a better investment than three 1208447886_3701 Birkin bags. Or maybe not.) The Mercedes CLA advert is targeting a young and obviously male buyer and is already a viral hit with over 2,500,000 views on Youtube.

Here’s Kate and her Car Wash cutie predecessors Paris, Jessica and Carmen proving that a sleazy cliche is a sleazy cliche even if it is a Mercedes spot for the Superbowl targeted to young, entry-level luxury buyers.  I doubt there were any Girls in the room when the hipster creative  boys in their knit hats concepted (I hate that word) this tired, sexist idea.

Paris Hilton & Jessica Simpson  Sexy Car Wash

Cameron Diaz, ‘Bad Teacher”  Sexy Car Wash

And they borrowed the music from an iconic Noxema “stripper” commercial from the 60’s starring (surprise!) a sexy young Swedish blonde playing with soapy shaving cream.


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